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  1. Hey, I won a 3 speed coaster brake(!) bright orange Sun Cruz in the raffle for Art in School – what can you tell me about it, other than it’s gonna be fun learning coaster brake after forty years of derailleurs…

    • syringacyclery

      Congratulations Forrest! Pretty simple bike, really. You shouldn’t need to do much maintenance on it other than oiling the chain periodically,tire inflation, and possibly shifter cable adjustment, but you’ve got a year of free tune ups for the bike at my shop with the raffle if you need to bring it in. Probably not a bad idea to bring it in after riding it for a month or two just to check that all bolts are tight and to adjust the shifter cable if needed. So, as you know, the coaster brake works on the rear brake; there is no front brake. It has three internal gears in the rear hub. You may notice that the hub is a bit noisier in one of the gears (first gear, I think). That is normal and is just a function of how the internal gears work. If it gets super noisy in other gears, that could be a sign that the hub needs to be lubed. If it doesn’t shift properly, then it probably needs cable adjustment (the cable will stretch with use, particularly when new). My shop is over near the Charter Middle school in the pale green shed-like building (610 S. Madison), but I will be moving in August to 518 Church Street (the old Redtail Gallery building on the corner of Oak and 6th). Thanks and enjoy! Charles Mortensen

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